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Family Constellations Trainings: (Online)
Embark on a Soulful Journey of Growth and Freedom

Online Training Overview:

  • The training is primarily a deep inner journey, which can be taken for personal development.  
  • It is also designed for helping professionals to incorporate family constellations into their current practice or to become family constellators. There are 3 levels and a total of 12 modules to complete with theoretical and experiential components.  
  • Level I consists of 7 modules and Level II consists of 4 modules. Level III offers an opportunity for guided practice.  
  • We meet for 3 hours online over a five-week period.
  • All the modules are cyclical and offered on an ongoing basis so you can join now.
  • If you have completed Family Constellations trainings in other institutions, please contact us to explore getting course credits.

Online Training Requirements:

  • Completing 12 modules

  • Reading 7 Family Constellations books 

  • Building your genogram 

  • Your Family Constellations Journey Monograph:  Writing a 5 to 10-page document describing your journey with the training and how it has shifted the way you see different aspects of life.

  • At least 18 days of in-person trainings in addition to the 12 online modules are required if you would like to constellate groups in person.

Level I Overview

Level I explores the basic concepts of Family Constellations. You can start by enrolling in any of the Level I modules.

This level is recommended on its own for your personal development or to continue the training.

If you have no prior Family Constellations training, Level I is a prerequisite for Level II modules.

Level II Overview

Level II is designed for people who have experience with family constellations trainings either by having completed Level I with me Online or in person or having participated in trainings elsewhere.  

Level II focuses on more advanced theoretical and practical aspects specific to facilitating.

Designed for people who wish to become facilitators or apply this work to their existing practice.  

In this level you will begin to practice facilitating with your colleagues. 

Level III Overview

In Level III Guided Practice you will have an opportunity to fine-tune your skills and practice facilitating constellations with people you do not know.

This level is for people who have completed any equivalent family constellations training.

You will receive a Level III Certificate of Completion.

Level I Modules:

  • Module 1: Including the Excluded
  • Module 2: Healing the Mother Wound with Family Constellations
  • Module 3: Healing the Father Wound with Family Constellations
  • Module 4: The Couple Relationship and Parenting
  • Module 5: Seeing the Unseen: Acknowledging the Mysteries of Life
  • Module 6: The Genogram: A Snapshot of the Family Soul
  • Module 7: Trauma and Hidden Loyalties

Level II Modules:

  • Module 8: The Facilitator's Position
  • Module 9: The Individual Session
  • Module 10: Different types of Constellations
  • Module 11: Deepening the Facilitator's Journey

Level III Modules:

  • Module 12: Advanced Training & Guided Practice

Join Upcoming Online Training Modules

Due to the Public Health Advisory, Module Level I Module 3 The Couple Relationship and Parenting that was going to be offered in person April 17 - 19, 2020 will now be offered online on the same dates and times.
This module will be more hours than the regular online training modules and we will also explore the current situation through the eyes of family constellations. There will be a one hour lunch break as well as other breaks as needed throughout the day.
When: Friday, April 17, Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19, 2020 from 10- 6 pm.
Where: Zoom. You will receive the link after your registration and payment.

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Level I: Module 1: Including the Excluded
This module will introduce students to the fundamentals of Family Constellations.
We meet 5 times starting on
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Level I: Module 2: Healing the Mother Wound with Family Constellations
This module will focus on taking the healing journey back to our mother.
We meet 5 times starting on
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Level I: Module 3: Healing the Father Wound with Family Constellations
This module will focus on our fathers’ role as the path to opening the gateway to the world.
We meet 5 times starting on
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Level I: Module 4: The Couple Relationship and Parenting
This module will explore the sacred union of two family systems in a couple.
We meet 5 times starting on
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Level I: Module 5: Seeing the Unseen
This module will explore acknowledging the mysteries of life and the hidden forces that shape it.
We meet 5 times starting on
Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Level I: Module 6: The Genogram: A Snapshot of the Family Soul
This module will focus on building your own genogram and learning to work with it in individual sessions using The Knowing Field.
Coming Again Soon
Level I: Module 7: Trauma and Hidden Loyalties
This module will explore how to work with Trauma in Family Constellations.
We meet 5 times starting on
Thursday, February 6, 2020
Level II: Module 8: The Facilitator's Position
This module focuses on the introduction to the main aspects of facilitating and The Orders of Helping.
We meet 5 times starting on
Thursday, April 9, 2020
Level II: Module 9: The Individual Session
This module will focus on how to work with Family Constellations in one-on-one sessions.
We meet 5 times starting on
Thursday, June 4, 2020
Level II: Module 10: Different Types of Constellations
This module will explore the application of Family Constellations in different settings.
We meet 5 times starting on
Thursday, July 30, 2020
Level II: Module 11: Deepening the Facilitator´s Journey
This module will explore advanced aspects of facilitating Family Constellations and is open to trainees who have completed a Family Constellations Training.
We meet 5 times starting on
Thursday, September 24, 2020
Level III: Module 12: Advanced Training & Guided Practice
This module will create a guided space in which to practice and fine tune your facilitation skills.
We meet 5 times starting on
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What People Are Saying...

  • Susan S.
    I would like to thank you very much for the level I training / personal development of Hellinger Family Constellations.  It was out of my expectation.  I have learned a lot about relationships, family puzzle (as I call it!) and you!  Isn’t it wonderful to experience our thoughts (or better say the impact of people on us in our personal life) without being interacting physically with them?  What you are practicing and teaching in your Hellinger institute is saving lives of persons that they are seeking a better solution rather than hurting their love ones or themselves.  You are helping people to heel their pain and learn the method for life!  I am stunned how effective the workshop can be!
    Susan S.
  • Stephen D.
    I have been at a few constellations lead by you over the last year and a half and have been truly surprised each time. During and after each workshop major shifts take place in my life and the life of my family. Never knowing what will happen, each time I grow and I find myself becoming the person I want to be more and more. The work helps me focus on what's important as that is brought to the surface. It keeps me focused on what is. The connection I find with people there is up-lifting. It feels more like a spring board in my spiritual journey.
    Stephen D.
  • Jill Tusek
    It was a great experience to do a constellation with you and it definitely has made a change in my life.
    Jill Tusek
  • Gala Rabinovich
    I'd like to thank you for last Thursday evening's family constellations workshop. That was exactly what I needed, even though I did not have my own constellation done. The big progress for me was on one of somebody else's situations, when I was just sitting and watching the constellation. Since Friday morning I feel very peaceful and calm inside. Again a very warm thank you for that.
    Gala Rabinovich
  • Oxana
    I want to say thank you for today's session! It was very spiritually releasing and a soul enhancing experience. I feel different.
  • Nawal Yousif
    Hi Marina, I would like to say the class has changed my life, I cannot thank you enough. I now recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks again.
    Nawal Yousif
  • Martha Lopez
    It was a real pleasure to meet you on the Workshop. It was quite an experience, it really helped me to understand the reason that my mother and my father were the way they were. It was so clear not only when I did my family constellation, but when I saw the pain of other people that were on similar situations like my parents. I felt that any judgment that I still had for my parents was lifted as well as judgment for myself and some other people. I feel lighter now. Thanks ever so much for helping me and helping so many people through this amazing method and with your energy, light and love that definitely are great and make us feel so good.
    Martha Lopez
  • Isabelle Moreau
    I have had this incredible sense of peace since the last session. Connecting so deeply with the collective field has been a peak experience. Such peace. Such subtle strength. I also LOVED the meditation!
    Isabelle Moreau
  • Darren Steiner
    I just wanted to let you know how deeply moved and touched I was by the last Family Constellation Workshop. I have never experienced anything quite like it. You have an amazing gift that is going to help so many people, you are truly an inspiration to me and i'm sure so many others. It was an honour and a pleasure to have been a part of this and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Darren Steiner
  • Rachel Swift
    I want to thank you Marina for introducing me to the power of family constellation work. I had experienced several wondrous energy shifts after having two constellations done myself. I felt lighter and more open to life and love. The biggest surprise came after my third individual session. Both my parents have passed away and have been gone several years now. A few weeks after doing my third constellation I opened a letter from a dear old friend with a decade old picture of my two parents smiling at me arm in arm. The friend had been going through old pictures and felt moved to copy that one and send it to me out of the blue! It warmed my heart and truly felt like a hug from beyond.
    Rachel Swift