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Family Constellations

Family Constellations
Workshops Toronto

September 10
October 29
November 25
December 17

Venue: The Life Loft
Time: 11 – 6 pm
390 Dupont St.,
Suite 201,
Dupont Subway, Toronto ON

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Day Workshops: $100.00

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For further information click: Thriving at School: A Systemic Pedagogy Workshop

How do Family Constellations work in groups?

Family Constellations can be explored in groups or individually. In groups, the trained facilitator selects a person from the group who wishes to work on something they want to shift in their life.

After briefly mentioning the issue and answering some strategic questions, (without getting into the "story"), the client chooses members of the group (whom s/he does not know) to represent different family members, or the issue itself, or related components, in order to uncover the hidden dynamics behind it.

Members, simply by intention, connect to what is known as The Knowing Field , the family soul, and are able to perceive sensations in their bodies or feelings about other members that help to bring to light what is not known consciously. Once the dynamics are seen, healing soul sentences are used to restore inclusive love in the family and experience it, and everything that happened, as a source of strength.

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International Family Constellations Training

Whether you would like to become a Constellator, or to deepen your own inner healing journey, or to add this powerful tool to your toolbox.

We offer Family Constellations trainings in person and Online.
Join us for this transformational journey!

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Family Constellations

Soul Sentence to your
life partner:

"I love you and I love myself.
I honour your family and I honour mine. I respect our previous partners and give them a place in my heart for they were first and made room for you and I to be together."

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