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Family Constellations Online

Would you like to do this powerful work from the comfort of your home?

Now you can!

Internet sessions are equally effective, as we connect with what in this work is known as the "Knowing Field", the Family Soul.

We use a leading edge and very easy to use online platform. We can see each other and use figurines as representatives for this powerful work. Are you ready?

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Online Session Investment:

First Session:
$200.00 + Tax


Regular Fee: $150.00 + Tax

Suggested Package:

For best results, we suggest 6 sessions.

6 Session Package: $750.00 + Tax



I have been privileged to have worked with Family Constellations for myself for 6 years while I lived in Spain. Once I even was able to attend a weekend workshop with Bert Hellinger himself.
My experiences were exclusively with a more or less large number of people in a group setting.
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Christina Von

Your time has come!





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Tel. 416 454 2255

International Family Constellations Training

Whether you would like to become a Constellator, or to deepen your own inner healing journey, or to add this powerful tool to your toolbox, these training modules
are for you!

We are happy to announce that Online Family Constellations Training is available and ongoing. Join us for this transformational journey!
Please contact me to find out
when the next modules will be!

The Gifts from our Parents

A Guided Family
Constellations Journey

This Guided Family Constellations Visualization will open your heart and allow you to receive strength and blessings from your parents
and ancestors so you can live
a fulfilling life.


10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
(ALS) Society.

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