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Family Constellations come to you!

Do You live outside Toronto?

Would you like to organize a workshop or training for me to come to your town/city to facilitate a Family Constellations workshop or training?

It will be our pleasure.

Contact us at

Thank you to the organizers that have invited me to go to different parts
of the world.

In 2017, in addition to the regular workshops and trainings in Toronto, I will be giving workshops in Montreal, Spain (Madrid, Villarrobledo, Murcia, Cantabria and Valencia) and Argentina (Buenos Aires and Florida).

Let's make it happen.

Connect with us
Tel. 416 454 2255

International Family Constellations Training

Whether you would like to become a Constellator, or to deepen your own inner healing journey, or to add this powerful tool to your toolbox, these training modules
are for you!

We are happy to announce that Online Family Constellations Training is available and ongoing. Join us for this transformational journey!
Please contact me to find out
when the next modules will be!

Family Constellations

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