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   I want to thank you Marina for introducing me to the power of family constellation work. I had experienced several wondrous energy shifts after having two constellations done myself. I felt lighter and more open to life and love. The biggest surprise came after my third individual session. Both my parents have passed away and have been gone several years now. A few weeks after doing my third constellation I opened a letter from a dear old friend with a decade old picture of my two parents smiling at me arm in arm. The friend had been going through old pictures and felt moved to copy that one and send it to me out of the blue! It warmed my heart and truly felt like a hug from beyond.  

Rachel Swift, Toronto

   It was a real pleasure to meet you on the Workshop. It was quite an experience, it really helped me to understand the reason that my mother and my father were the way they were. It was so clear not only when I did my family constellation, but when I saw the pain of other people that were on similar situations like my parents. I felt that any judgment that I still had for my parents was lifted as well as judgment for myself and some other people. I feel lighter now. Thanks ever so much for helping me and helping so many people through this amazing method and with your energy, light and love that definitely are great and make us feel so good.  

Martha Lopez, Toronto

   I have been privileged to have worked with Family Constellations for myself for 6 years while I lived in Spain. Once I even was able to attend a weekend workshop with Bert Hellinger himself. My experiences were exclusively with a more or less large number of people in a group setting. After having moved to Canada I was not able to find a Family Constellations Facilitator for a few years. A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Toronto and the pleasure to work with Marina in a private session. Not knowing what to expect, believing that I needed the feedback of other group members, I was amazed at how easily the soul work happened with only "footsteps" laid out on the floor to represent other people. I would never have thought this was possible. It was at least as powerful as my group experiences...         Read more

Christina Von.

   …I have now experienced several of my own personal constellations, working with different issues.  I am feeling better about my life every day, and it is improving in ways I would not have imagined.  This therapy is very powerful!  I have now worked with a variety of other holistic therapies as well, but FC has been a main component of my healing.  I credit that first session with opening me up.  All of my personal and professional relationships have improved, and I no longer carry that heavy underlying sadness that seemed to be a permanent burden.  I am lighter, happier, and am able to feel love and empathy even for people who used to drive me nuts!  Incredibly, my fiancée and I are getting married later this year......and I now have a great relationship with Aunt Madeline, whom I now talk to and visit regularly!
I believe it is not an exaggeration to say that Family Constellations could bring world peace!         Read more

Update: Aaron and Cristina got married in August 2012 and it was an honour to attend their wedding. Congratulations to you both!


   Hi Marina, I would like to say the class has changed my life, I cannot thank you enough. I now recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks again.  


   In summary, with this therapy I have changed my attitude to life, I have found a better way to deal with daily-life problems, and I love my self, as I never did before. All this of course is thanks to the guidance of Marina. She always makes me feel important, loved, and cared through each session. She helped me to cure my disease symptoms and to understand that what I called fibromyalgia was here to help me to find my path towards a better life.         Read more


   I want to say thank you for today's session! It was very spiritually releasing and a soul enhancing experience. I feel different.  


   I'd like to thank you for last Thursday evening's family constellations workshop. That was exactly what I needed, even though I did not have my own constellation done. The big progress for me was on one of somebody else's situations, when I was just sitting and watching the constellation. Since Friday morning I feel very peaceful and calm inside. Again a very warm thank you for that.  


   It was a great experience to do a constellation with you and it definitely has made a change in my life.  


   I have had this incredible sense of peace since the last session. Connecting so deeply with the collective field has been a peak experience. Such peace. Such subtle strength. I also LOVED the meditation!  


   I am writing this short note to let you know how much your beautiful Family Constellations therapy helped me. Some situations that I had not been able to process are clear to me now. With the help of God and yours, many of us can make the changes we so much need and desire. 


   I just wanted to let you know how deeply moved and touched I was by the last Family Constellation Workshop. I have never experienced anything quite like it. You have an amazing gift that is going to help so many people, you are truly an inspiration to me and i'm sure so many others. It was an honour and a pleasure to have been a part of this and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Darren Steiner
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